NEXT DEMCCO MEETING:  January 22, 2022 from 10 am to 12 pm

To attend DEMCCO meetings by Zoom:

      • to join the meeting by computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone, click on this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89292531942
      • to join by any type of phone, call (669) 900-6833 and punch in the meeting ID when prompted to do so.  Meeting ID: 892 9253 1942 _____________________________________________________________________________


DEMCCO’s mission is to get Democrats elected to office.  An important part of that mission is to endorse the candidates who demonstrate the highest qualifications and greatest likelihood of being elected.  “Endorsement season” for the 2022 elections begins at DEMCCO at our next meeting.  Endorsements will be considered for Democratic candidates in the following races:

          • 74th Assembly District
          • 38th State Senate District
          • Board of Supervisors District 5
          • Oceanside City Council District 1

Member participation is critical to the process of endorsing candidates.  Please make sure you have paid your dues for 2022 as this is required to be able to vote.  See the information below about how to renew your dues through ActBlue.




Our first program of the year features a panel addressing the climate crisis and what we can do about it.  We’ll have a panel presentation by Dr. Phil Watts, Barbara Collins, and our own Mike Bullock. 

Dr. Watts pioneered research into wind turbine design and wind farm development and  founded ReSource Renewable Energy, Inc. in 2012.

Barbara Collins is a climate activist who lives in Oceanside.  She is a longtime member of the Sierra Club, serving on its North County Coastal Group (NCCG) Executive Committee and the NCCG Political Committee.  

Mike Bullock is DEMCCO’s Special Advisor to the Executive Board on Climate Change. His work on climate change and transportation policy has resulted in improvements to the California Democratic Party Platform.  

Have you renewed your membership yet?  Do you want to join DEMCCO?

DEMCCO is a membership organization that exists because of Democratic activists like you.

What do we do with our membership dues? We support candidates that align with our club values. In 2020, we donated several thousand dollars to local candidates. In elections that were decided by a razor-thin victories, our donations made a difference.

By paying your annual dues now, you ensure that our club’s finances stay healthy and we have plenty of funds to donate to DEMCCO endorsed candidates.

If you want to join DEMCCO, you can sign up on ActBlue at the link below or send your check to our address:     DEMCCO    P O Box 131152     Carlsbad, CA 92013-1152

DEMCCO subscribes to ActBlue, the service that receives and distributes donations to Democratic candidates and organizations.  The link to ActBlue to pay your DEMCCO dues is ActBlue Dues Payment

Thank you for supporting DEMCCO by paying your 2022 dues!






For information on our upcoming meetings please click on the Calendar page for the complete calendar of events.