Proposed Bylaws Amendments

Some amendments to the DEMCCO Bylaws have been proposed and they are being offered here to get input from members.  Please look these over and send your concerns to Your opinion is very important!

First, an Ad Hoc Committee worked on revising the Candidate Endorsement section.  The first document is the amendments side-by-side with the current Bylaws.  The Ad Hoc Committee is suggesting that a procedure document be included as an Appendix to the Bylaws and that is the second document,

Draft Ad Hoc Candidate Endorsements

DRAFT Ad Hoc Procedures

The last document is the entire current Bylaws with a variety of amendments especially to the Membership section.  Some are changes required by the San Diego County Democratic Party while others are changes suggested by the Membership Chair, Shirley Anderson.  Finally, amendments to the section on Resolution Endorsements are done to make it more inclusive of ballot measures and propositions and to shorten the notification time to enable DEMCCO to approve resolutions where there is limited time for approval.  The San Diego County Democratic Party requires 7 days from the time the resolution is received and when it is voted on by the Central Committee.

DEMCCO Bylaws DRAFT amended Nov 2019