Mary And Carol 2015In 2018, the blue wave swept into San Diego politics and DEMCCO members played a major role in getting out the progressive vote. Join us as we support our progressive elected officials and help us elect more Democrats in 2020. 

DEMCCO provides a place to meet progressive thinkers and doers.

We have a very active Political Action Group and always have excellent monthly speakers. You can either fill out our online application, or you can download and application and then mail us the completed form. 


Lisa Heebner 20151. We get  Democrats Elected!

We supported and helped elect several Democrats such as Priya Bhat-Patel, Barbara Hamilton, Cori Schumacher,  Cody Campbell, Esther Sanchez, Zack Beck, Mike Levin, Tony Kranz, Lisa Shaffer, Jacquie Simon, Nancy Chadwick, Bill Fischer and Scott Peters and more.  Join us and let’s elect more Democrats in San Diego and beyond.

2. We Support and Sponsor Events and Neighborhood Groups

We continue to support groups like: NAACP, LGBTQ Center and the Sierra Club. And you can find us interactive with voters at the Carlsbad Street Faire, Harbor Days, Sunset Market, Pride at the Beach and the Oceanside Parade. If there is a major event, DEMCCO members want to be there.  

3. Supporting the San Diego Democratic Party

By joining DEMCCO, you’ll have access to political events across San Diego county and beyond. If you’ve always wanted to get involved in San Diego politics, DEMCCO is a great place to start. 

4. Voter Registration

Democrats can’t win elections if we don’t register voters. You can help Democrats win by registering voters because when Democrats vote, Democrats win! 

5. Speakers and Candidate Forums

If you want to meet elected officials, candidates for office, thought leaders, activists and more, you should join our meetings in Carlsbad. During election season we will have candidate forums. DEMCCO is a great place to meet candidates and electeds in person.

6. Political Action Committee

DEMCCO takes action! Whether we’re calling our elected representatives to push for progressive values or getting out the vote, DEMCCO members move the needle for progressive action in San Diego county.