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DEMCCO Endorses in Strategically Critical Oceanside Races

At DEMCCO’s February 22, 2020 meeting, endorsement votes were held for the Oceanside Mayor and Oceanside City Council, District 4 races.  There were two Democratic candidates participating in the endorsement for each race. 

While these races will be on the November 3, 2020 ballot, endorsement was sought early because they have been designated strategically critical.  Some members expressed concern that these endorsements should not be considered until later, e.g. August, however, the majority of the membership supported proceeding with the endorsements.  Early endorsement allows candidates more time and resources to conduct a successful campaign.

DEMCCO’s Bylaws require that a candidate receive a minimum of 60% of the votes in favor of their endorsement.  One ballot was held in each race and the 60% threshold was reached in both races.  The results are as follows:

    • Oceanside Mayor:     Esther Sanchez (73%)
    • Oceanside City Council, District 4:    Jane Marshall (60%)

Congratulations, Esther Sanchez and Jane Marshall.  Now let’s get busy working on a November 3 win!

Election of Officers Postponed–stay tuned!

DEMCCO’s annual election of officers slated for the March 28, 2020 general meeting has been postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The E Board is researching ways to hold the election online and/or by mail ballot.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated (email: Here’s the information about the candidates:

All positions are for 2-year terms except Nominating Committee members and PAC chair which are for 1-year terms.

Positions up for Election:
First Vice President: David Hall, Vince Loughney
Second Vice President: Mike Bullock, Chih-Wu Chang
Secretary: Jane Marshall
Fundraising Chair
Communications Chair: Jan Neff-Sinclair
Hospitality Chair: Joan Bullock

Three (3) members for Nominating Committee (1-year): Bill Fischer, Jason Rosenberg, Nadine Scott
Political Action Chair (PAC) (1-year): D. Aguirre


The written statements of candidates are posted here as they were submitted:

D.Aguirre, candidate for Political Action Chair

In December 2019, I joined DEMCCO as a new Carlsbad resident (but not new to San Diego). I attended two meetings and appreciated the involvement of members and the longevity of the club. I believe that I can add value and help move it in the right direction and bring new energy! 

Since November 2016, I have been involved with the San Diego County Democrats. The PAC Chair is a good fit as I have been involved in supporting several candidates through phone banking, canvassing and monetary donations. As far as policy, I am an active member of ACLU and worked on lobbying for SB53 – Sanctuary Cities and for Bail Reforms. I  was involved in supporting DACA through the ACLU. Key for the success of PAC is to identify goals as a committee that engages our membership. It’s also important to collaborate with other Democratic clubs and organizations to leverage our synergies.

Here are my high level goals for the PAC: 

  1. Strengthen relationships with current elected officials. 
    • Frequent communication between elected officials and members including activities outside of club meetings. 
    • Support campaigns of Democratic officials with hosted phone banking & canvassing events. 

    2. Local, state, federal policies. 

    • Collaborate with other entities to prioritize areas of interest with our members and take action (ex: ACLU). 
    • Write letters, host fundraising parties, collaborate with Sister District Project. 

    3. Expand voter registration efforts.

    • Provide voter registration training. 
    • Collaboration with other clubs and organizations.

Vince Loughney, candidate for 1st Vice President

I am applying for the position of DEMCCO’s 1st Vice President.  I have been a member of DEMCCO since 2011. I have been DEMCCO’s elected Special Events Chair for over 6 years. I have lived in Oceanside for 29years. I am a proud, lifelong registered Democrat. I have been interested in politics all my life and obtained my B.A. from SUNY in Political Science. I earned my living and raised my family as a Union (IBEW) utility worker, business analyst, and instructor. As a member of DEMCCO I have worked on Nominating Committees, Endorsement Committees and Bylaws amendments.

My first campaign work was working for Eugene McCarthy in 1968 as a college student. Locally I have supported many local Democrats like Chuck Lowery, Doug Applegate, Hilary Clinton, Esther Sanchez, Jerry Tetalman, Dave Piser, Scott Peters and many more.

My top political interests are Health Care, Social Security, Climate Change and Voter’s Rights to name a few. However, since the Election of Trump, preserving our Constitution and our democracy has become my political focus. I worry about the country my children and their children will inherit.

I am a supporter of Democratic candidates and philosophy and open to all people who wish to learn about our party.  The best way to attract new Democrats is by DEMCCO having interesting programs that informs them on important races and issues.  I have enjoyed my work as DEMCCO’s voter outreach representative. I believe this experience will help me to produce interesting, progressive programs we will all enjoy.

Thank you,

Vince Loughney


Joan Bullock, candidate for Hospitality Chair

The goal of hospitality Chair is to encourage friendly interaction between people that promotes a sense of belonging. I am also a Board member and take part in important DEMCCO decisions. I try to provide refreshments that are pleasing to look at and good to eat. I know not everybody enjoys sweets, so I offer a fruit, nuts or bagel choice. I also try to encourage sustainable materials. The use of glass coffee cups has reduced our trash substantially. There is no need to use 50 Styrofoam cups each DEMCCO meeting. Good refreshments and sustainable materials promote good comradery.

Jan Neff-Sinclair, candidate for Communications Chair

I have been politically active in local politics for over four years and switched from NPP
to Democrat the day after the 2016 presidential election. I write well and am on a
friendly basis with two local reporters. I can create just about any document or press
piece that the club may need and can produce newsletters, create announcements, and
author objective and opinion pieces on most political topics. I am fluent in Microsoft
Word and have the full suite of Adobe software providing the ability to create/edit PDF
files. The Adobe suite includes Photoshop and even video production software should
we need to produce any videos.
I was the initial Internal Communications Director for Citizens for North County, where I
produced meeting minutes and mailings to the group using MailChimp. I can create and
edit basic web sites but am taking a college class so I can advance my web
design/execution skills. This will enable me to edit and update the DEMCCO website
into an attractive and informative beacon for local Democrats and other like-minded
politically oriented community members.
DEMCCO is a diverse group and I can’t expect to always speak for everyone.
Therefore, with the approval of the E-board and membership, I would seek other
members to join me on a Communications Committee to provide input and guidance,
and to help me with Communication duties.
I also see possibilities in working with the Membership Chair to publish information
about DEMCCO in order to reach out and recruit new members. There are plenty of
Democrats unaffiliated with a local club who might appreciate an invitation and
introduction to DEMCCO.

Chih-Wu Chang, candidate for 2nd Vice President

The primary responsibility of the Second VP is to provide liaison with all north county Democratic organizations. Chih-Wu plans to collaborate with other Democratic organizations to help defeat Trump and win the local elections.

After graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Medicinal Chemistry, Chih-Wu went on to work for Pfizer and several other pharmaceutical companies. His primary career goal was to help find new medicines to cure various diseases. Over the years, Chih-Wu helped discover an antibiotic, an anti-hypertension drug, and a drug to treat diabetes. And he also helped produce a specially formulated children Tylenol for hospital use and a new delivery system for treating the migraine headache more effectively. And Chih-Wu was also trained as a computer scientist (Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute,) business administrator, and Project Management Professional. In 2018, Chih-Wu published an article titled, “Why the healthcare cost is so high in the U.S.” Chih-Wu could bring diverse experience and skillsets to help the DEMCCO.

Chih-Wu has canvased for Obama, Clinton, and Mike Levin. He is a supporter of many organizations, including “Everytown for Gun Safety,” “Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence,” Sierra Club, “Win without War Foundation,” Humane Society, and ACLU.

Besides being a member of DEMCCO, currently, Chih-Wu is a member of AAPI Democratic Club San Diego, San Diego Democrats for Environmental Action, NAACP, and San Diego Progressive Democratic Club.

Chih-Wu lives in Carlsbad, with his wife Pei-Tei, who is also a graduate of the University of Rhode Island.


Mike Bullock, candidate for 2nd Vice President

Narrative Regarding Mike Bullock’s Candidacy for 2nd VP of DEMCCO

239 words

After serving for 6 years in this position, I bring institutional continuity. I have seen what worked and what didn’t. For example, we should support our President because if she succeeds, DEMCCO succeeds. My wife of 44 years, Joan, DEMCCO’s Hospitality Chair, supports me in this campaign, as do my two daughters and 4 grandchildren.

We benefit from a mix of backgrounds on our Board. I have an Electrical Engineering degree and a Master’s in Engineering. I worked at Lockheed Martin in Northern California for 36 years, mostly as a Systems Engineer, while serving in Bike and Transit organizations and various political campaigns.

We work for Democratic values. My focus is climate change and transportation. These are systems-engineering problems AND political problems. Since leaving Lockheed, 12 years ago, I have presented papers at technical conferences in Long Beach, Calgary, Guadalajara, San Diego, New Orleans, Chicago, and the DC Metro Area. I speak on how Light-Duty Vehicles could achieve climate-stabilizing targets and related topics. Conferences peer-review derivations, spread sheets, assumptions, and conclusions.

With help from DEMCCO, I have persuaded our California Democratic Party to adopt resolutions and 9 significant Party Platform statements. These are DEMCCO success stories.

I work on Climate Action Plans and support our Political Action Committee.

Our bylaws state that our 2nd VP coordinates with other community groups. I belong to the GO-Team, NAACP, Sierra Club, Oceanside Bike-Ped Committee, and both the County and State Central Committees.

David Hall, candidate for 1st Vice President

David has been a justice activist and politically involved his entire life:
– 65 years working/fighting for a healthier environment and planet Earth
– 1960’s civil rights worker/protester
– First professional ministry positions in inner-city San Francisco, then inner-city Pittsburgh
– Native American advocacy in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada, lobbying Representatives and Senators in Washington, D.C.
– State board member, Planned Parenthood; VP of national Presbyterians for Choice
– Citizen consultant for environmental issues, development of 25-year plan, Wisconsin Department of Transportation, VP of national Presbyterians for Restoring Creation
– Local head U.S. Senate primary campaign, worker in other campaigns
– Testified before state legislature’s committees on key propositions
– Numerous other involvements/efforts over last 55 years, currently Team Leader, Pilgrim UCC Church Carlsbad Environmental Justice Team
– Currently DEMCCO Parliamentarian
Bill (William) Fischer for Nominating Committee
Past president DEMCCO 2005-2009
Publicly elected official: MiraCosta College Board of Trustees 2010-present
Retired university educator: Professor of American Literature & vice provost
US Navy veteran
18 year resident of Oceanside
Committed to making DEMCCO an effective progressive political voice in North San Diego County
Contact me at

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

Some amendments to the DEMCCO Bylaws have been proposed and they are being offered here to get input from members.  Please look these over and send your concerns to Your opinion is very important!

First, an Ad Hoc Committee worked on revising the Candidate Endorsement section.  The first document is the amendments side-by-side with the current Bylaws.  The Ad Hoc Committee is suggesting that a procedure document be included as an Appendix to the Bylaws and that is the second document,

Draft Ad Hoc Candidate Endorsements

DRAFT Ad Hoc Procedures

The last document is the entire current Bylaws with a variety of amendments especially to the Membership section.  Some are changes required by the San Diego County Democratic Party while others are changes suggested by the Membership Chair, Shirley Anderson.  Finally, amendments to the section on Resolution Endorsements are done to make it more inclusive of ballot measures and propositions and to shorten the notification time to enable DEMCCO to approve resolutions where there is limited time for approval.  The San Diego County Democratic Party requires 7 days from the time the resolution is received and when it is voted on by the Central Committee.

DEMCCO Bylaws DRAFT amended Nov 2019


DEMCCO Endorses Levin, Boerner Horvath; Rates Diaz and Lawson-Remer Qualified

On July 27, 2019, DEMCCO members resoundingly endorsed Mike Levin, 49th District Congressmember and Tasha Boerner Horvath, 76th District Assemblymember for their 2020 races.  The vote for endorsement in the Board of Supervisors, District 3 race failed to reach the 60% threshold for any candidate or for “No Endorsement.”  Candidates Olga Diaz and Terra Lawson-Remer were subsequently voted as “Qualified.”

DEMCCO’s endorsement means that candidates can count on DEMCCO and its members for support in their campaigns.  The 2020 race is on.  What are you going to do to insure victories for our candidates?

Resolutions on Climate Change Passed by DEMCCO Members on July 27, 2019

Please see the menu at the top.  Click on “Info” then scroll down and click on “Resolutions.”

CDP Resolutions Report – May 2019 State Convention

This is the resolution report that Cori Schumacher referenced in her remarks at the June 22, 2019 DEMCCO meeting.

CDP Resolutions Committee Report May 2019 State Convention

DEMCCO Members Survey

As a result of the Retreat on March 31, 2019, it was recommended that we conduct a survey of DEMCCO members to find out how we are doing and where we need to improve.  Your participation is very helpful.  Please click on the following link and rate each statement from 1 to 5 (strongly disagree to strongly agree).  You can include comments at the end.  Thank you for your participation in this survey.

Survey link:


Report from the DEMCCO Retreat

On March 31, 2019, 28 members of DEMCCO met to share ideas and develop goals and plans of action for our club.  This exercise was quite satisfying.  The results of our work is presented by clicking on this link: Retreat Report 2

DEMCCO Elects Officers

At the Annual Election Meeting on February 23, 2019, new (and returning) officers were elected. The results are:

President: Linda Slater

1st Vice President: Pat Amador

Treasurer: Mary Meyers

Fundraising Chair: Dee Forsberg

Membership Chair: Shirley Anderson

Political Action Chair: Kyle Krahel-Frolander

Special Events Chair: Vince Loughney

The following officers have one more year on their term of office:

2nd Vice President: Mike Bullock

Communications Chair: Blair Daniels

A vacancy now exists in the office of Secretary. According to DEMCCO’s Bylaws, the Executive Board will appoint a member to a vacancy and that member will serve until the next regularly scheduled election meeting. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please let us know at

Results of ADEM Election

On Sunday, nearly 1000 registered Democrats showed up in Oceanside to elect 76th Assembly District Delegates to the California Democratic Party.  The 14 Delegates based on preliminary results are:
Women Elected Delegates: Priya Bhat-Patel, Nikki Faddick, Nancy Hardwick, Kathy Rallings, Cess Resnick, Rachel Rott, Cori Schumacher (also elected E-Board Rep)
Men Elected Delegates: Mustafa Nizam (also elected E-Board Alternate), Al Goodman, Rob Howard, Kyle Krahel-Frolander, Larry Lugo, Kevin Sabellico, Harold Standerfer