Author: Linda Slater

Bylaws Amendments to be Considered at January 23 Meeting

It is necessary to update our bylaws to be in compliance with the San Diego County Democratic Party.  Additionally, there are changes to help make the format clear, add changes and clarity to issues regarding membership, and simplification of an E-board member returning from running of elected office.  Please click on this link for the full bylaws with the changes indicated in red.

DEMCCO Bylaws DRAFT for January 2021

Background Related to SCOTUS Nominee

Member Mike Lewis met a woman, Coral Anika Theill, several years ago through his work with the NAACP.  He has kept in touch with her infrequently over the years.  She has recently contacted him to let him know of media attention to her because she was part of the People of Praise sect although she calls it a cult.  It is the same sect the current Supreme Court nominee belongs to.  Coral suffered abuse while in the sect and has written a book about it.  She has been doing several interviews, e.g. CNN and Democracy Now.  For more information, see her website at  

Summary of November 2020 Propositions and Measures

November 2020 ballots will be mailed on October 5, 2020.  The best advice is to complete your ballot and mail or drop it off as early as possible.  In order to help DEMCCO members prepare to vote on the statewide propositions and local measures, a summary has been prepared and will be discussed at our September 26, 2020 meeting.  

Please click on the following summary: Propositions summary

DEMCCO’s Endorsed Candidates Receive Endorsements from County Dems

The San Diego County Democratic Party finished their endorsements on September 1, 2020.  DEMCCO’s Carlsbad and Oceanside candidates receiving the County Party’s endorsements include:

Candidate Office Website
Lela Panagides Carlsbad City Council – District 2
Teresa Acosta Carlsbad City Council – District 4
Esther Sanchez Oceanside Mayor
Shari Mackin Oceanside City Council – District 3
Jane Marshall

Oceanside City Council – District 4


Please do what you can to help these tremendous candidates be elected!

Additionally, the County Party endorsed some of our local measures as follows:

Measure Agency Brief Description VOTE
G City of Carlsbad City Council Compensation: prohibits compensation adjustments to exceed SD Region CPI, requires City Council to make or waive adjustment each January and prohibits retroactive increases. NO
K City of Oceanside Term Limits: provides for a maximum of 3 4-year terms, consecutive  or not, for mayor and city council members. YES
M City of Oceanside Cannabis Business Tax: establishes a tax not to exceed 6% for cannabis retailers, manufacturers, distributors and cultivators to fund general city services. YES
W Oceanside Unified School District

Bonds in the amount of $160,000,000 to protect quality schools and upgrade aging facilities.


Please make sure you and your family and friends VOTE!  Early voting starts the first week of October, voting early helps insure that your vote will count!

DEMCCO Responds to AOC Insult

DEMCCO members were furious by the insult that Republican Rep. Ted Yolo made against Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the steps of the Capitol.  Members approved writing a letter to Speaker Pelosi expressing our outrage.  Here is the letter:

Letter to Speaker Pelosi about AOC 8-17-2020

Central Committee Approves Racial Justice Resolutions

At its meeting on June 16, 2020, the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee approved the following resolutions addressing racial justice:

Demand that the San Diego Democrats Refuse Donations from Law Enforcement Unions (2)

Inciting Imminent Lawless Action is Not Protected First Amendment Speech by Christina Perry

Condemning the Lethal Use of “Non-Lethal” Weapons

Supporting the Creation of an Independent, Community-Led Commission on Police Practices

Responsibly Reduce Police Funding in the City of San Diego

Defund For-Profit Prisons and Enact ‘Justice is not for Sale’ Ordinances in Every Community

DEMCCO Endorses in Strategically Critical Oceanside Races

At DEMCCO’s February 22, 2020 meeting, endorsement votes were held for the Oceanside Mayor and Oceanside City Council, District 4 races.  There were two Democratic candidates participating in the endorsement for each race. 

While these races will be on the November 3, 2020 ballot, endorsement was sought early because they have been designated strategically critical.  Some members expressed concern that these endorsements should not be considered until later, e.g. August, however, the majority of the membership supported proceeding with the endorsements.  Early endorsement allows candidates more time and resources to conduct a successful campaign.

DEMCCO’s Bylaws require that a candidate receive a minimum of 60% of the votes in favor of their endorsement.  One ballot was held in each race and the 60% threshold was reached in both races.  The results are as follows:

    • Oceanside Mayor:     Esther Sanchez (73%)
    • Oceanside City Council, District 4:    Jane Marshall (60%)

Congratulations, Esther Sanchez and Jane Marshall.  Now let’s get busy working on a November 3 win!

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

Some amendments to the DEMCCO Bylaws have been proposed and they are being offered here to get input from members.  Please look these over and send your concerns to Your opinion is very important!

First, an Ad Hoc Committee worked on revising the Candidate Endorsement section.  The first document is the amendments side-by-side with the current Bylaws.  The Ad Hoc Committee is suggesting that a procedure document be included as an Appendix to the Bylaws and that is the second document,

Draft Ad Hoc Candidate Endorsements

DRAFT Ad Hoc Procedures

The last document is the entire current Bylaws with a variety of amendments especially to the Membership section.  Some are changes required by the San Diego County Democratic Party while others are changes suggested by the Membership Chair, Shirley Anderson.  Finally, amendments to the section on Resolution Endorsements are done to make it more inclusive of ballot measures and propositions and to shorten the notification time to enable DEMCCO to approve resolutions where there is limited time for approval.  The San Diego County Democratic Party requires 7 days from the time the resolution is received and when it is voted on by the Central Committee.

DEMCCO Bylaws DRAFT amended Nov 2019


Resolutions on Climate Change Passed by DEMCCO Members on July 27, 2019

Please see the menu at the top.  Click on “Info” then scroll down and click on “Resolutions.”

CDP Resolutions Report – May 2019 State Convention

This is the resolution report that Cori Schumacher referenced in her remarks at the June 22, 2019 DEMCCO meeting.

CDP Resolutions Committee Report May 2019 State Convention