What Does a DEMCCO Membership Mean?

People join Democratic clubs like DEMCCO because they want to be informed about issues, elected officials, and candidates. They also want to be part of the electoral process such as helping Democrats be elected. Also, they prefer to be around others who believe in our Democratic values.  

What does your membership in DEMCCO mean to you?  Perhaps you want to support DEMCCO by paying the dues to enable the club to do the work needed to elect Democrats. Perhaps you want to donate money to help candidates. Or, perhaps you want to be more active by donating time to help candidates.

If you are looking for ways to help, here are some suggestions.

Volunteer for the GO Team. GO Team supports candidates by walking their neighborhood and speaking to voters about all endorsed candidates on their ballot.  Data collected over the years that GO Team has been in operation show a significant increase in neighbors voting for Democratic candidates.

Volunteer for individual candidate campaigns.


Volunteer for DEMCCO Booths at Oceanside’s Sunset Market.

DEMCCO is scheduled to have a booth at the Sunset Market on the third Thursday of July, August, September and October to register voters and talk to the public about Democratic candidates and issues.  There are 2 shifts, 5 to 7 pm and 7 to 9 pm. These events have been quite effective in registering people who hadn’t had a chance to do so earlier and discussing our candidates and why they should be elected. Email DEMCCO at info@demcco.org to ask questions and sign up.