Month: July 2022

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Presentation on Homelessness on Saturday, July 23, 2022

Our meeting on July 23, 2022, included a presentation by Dr. David Snow, Distinguished Professor of Sociology (retired) at UC Irvine. Dr. Snow presented findings of a study done recently in Orange County on who and why people are homeless.  Most of the meeting can be found on the video at this link:

Passcode: K#CA0xkS

Some takeaways:

  • the number of homeless people is high when the population is high and there is low housing vacancy rate in the area
  • the cost of homelessness is about $100,000 a year per person while persons in supported housing cost about half that amount
  • homeless people in an area have lived in that area for a long time
  • housing first, i.e. getting persons into suitable housing/shelter first then working with them on the services they need is much more successful than providing the services before the housing
  • homelessness is a housing problem!