Month: June 2021

DEMCCO’s Goals for 2021

During the May 22, 2021 DEMCCO meeting the goals that the club will work on were approved by the members in attendance.  In considering these goals, the E Board members chose to consider the preamble to the Bylaws.

Our Preamble

To be true to our mission of fostering and perpetuating the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party, stimulating active interest in governmental affairs, and promoting the highest degree of justice and social well-being.

The overall vision included 4 focuses with 3 individual focuses overlapping each other and one focus, encompassing the entirety of what we do as a club.

#1: Focus on supporting our elected officials and candidates:

1. Identify instances of hate levied against local Democratic elected leaders and          provide the support needed.

2. Develop and implement a process to support the election of candidates                    including candidate recruitment and education, strategic selection of                        candidates, and to make elections favorable to Democratic candidates.

3. Develop and build relationships with elected officials to maintain a positive              relationship and work with them to insure accountability.

#2: Focus on informing and taking action:

 4.  Inform members of important current issues that include calls to action                        and addresses policies needed to move toward a more equitable society.        
 5. Increase Political Action Committee (PAC) engagement by members. 

#3: Focus on outreach:

 6. Conduct outreach to the public to increase voter participation in elections.                                                                        
 7. Support young Democrats and their clubs. 
 8. Build camaraderie among members and our community around common                 interests and actions to benefit our community through in-person                               meetings and gatherings such as fundraisers.   
 9. Support a community organization to foster a strong, beneficial relation for             persons in need.

Overall Focus on diversity, equality and inclusion.

  10. Find and implement ways to move toward diversity, equality and inclusion                    in DEMCCO and within our communities of Oceanside and Carlsbad.

(The E Board found that this goal is the foundation of who we are as Democrats and it is our responsibility to make it a focus in all we do.)

Will you join us in meeting these goals?  Please indicate what goal(s) you are interested in and email DEMCCO at with your selection.