Month: May 2021

DEMCCO Well Represented on Central Committee!

The governing body of the San Diego County Democratic Party is the Central Committee.  The Central Committee charters clubs including DEMCCO, endorses candidates and provides leadership for Democrats in San Diego County.  The Central Committee is divided into 5 areas or caucuses.  Oceanside and Carlsbad are part of the North Coastal Area Caucus.

There are several categories of membership on the Central Committee.  Every 4 years during the Presidential Primary Election, candidates for each Assembly District are listed on the ballot and voted on by registered Democrats. The 6 candidates receiving the highest number of votes are elected to the Central Committee with full voting and participating privileges.  During the March 2020 Primary election, President Linda Slater and Mayor Esther Sanchez were elected to 4-year terms to the Central Committee from the 76th Assembly District.   

Another category of membership is Associate membership.  Each Democratic club selects an Associate members to represent their club.  Club Associate members are usually the club presidents, however, since DEMCCO’s president was already a member, DEMCCO selected its representative Associate member, Secretary Jane Marshall, at our meeting on April 24, 2021.  Additionally, members Diana Aguirre (PAC Chair) and Bill Fowler have been ratified as Executive Board Associate members because of their leadership roles as a committee co-chair (Diana) and secretary for the North Coastal Area Caucus (Bill).  Associate members are voting members of the North Coastal Area Caucus but not the Central Committee.

Finally, 3 additional members of DEMCCO are part of the Central Committee, Kyle Krahel-Frolander, Luke Tesluk and Rob Howard.  Each elected Central Committee member may appoint an alternate who votes when the member is absent.  Kyle was appointed by Francine Busby as her alternate and Luke was appointed by Linda Slater as her alternate.  Besides voting in their absence at the Central Committee, Kyle and Luke are voting members of the North Area Caucus.  Additionally, Kyle was elected as the North Coastal Area Caucus Vice Chair which makes him a member of the Executive Board of the Central Committee.  Rob Howard was elected as an Executive Board Delegate for the California Democratic Party at the recent ADEM election.  Executive Board Delegates are appointed to the Central Committee as a full voting member according to the San Diego County Democratic Party Bylaws.

DEMCCO is truly fortunate to have so many committed activists representing Democrats in San Diego County.  If you have any questions or want to share your concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any or all of the above Central Committee members.  Email and your email will be forwarded to whoever you indicate.