Month: September 2020

Summary of November 2020 Propositions and Measures

November 2020 ballots will be mailed on October 5, 2020.  The best advice is to complete your ballot and mail or drop it off as early as possible.  In order to help DEMCCO members prepare to vote on the statewide propositions and local measures, a summary has been prepared and will be discussed at our September 26, 2020 meeting.  

Please click on the following summary: Propositions summary

DEMCCO’s Endorsed Candidates Receive Endorsements from County Dems

The San Diego County Democratic Party finished their endorsements on September 1, 2020.  DEMCCO’s Carlsbad and Oceanside candidates receiving the County Party’s endorsements include:

Candidate Office Website
Lela Panagides Carlsbad City Council – District 2
Teresa Acosta Carlsbad City Council – District 4
Esther Sanchez Oceanside Mayor
Shari Mackin Oceanside City Council – District 3
Jane Marshall

Oceanside City Council – District 4


Please do what you can to help these tremendous candidates be elected!

Additionally, the County Party endorsed some of our local measures as follows:

Measure Agency Brief Description VOTE
G City of Carlsbad City Council Compensation: prohibits compensation adjustments to exceed SD Region CPI, requires City Council to make or waive adjustment each January and prohibits retroactive increases. NO
K City of Oceanside Term Limits: provides for a maximum of 3 4-year terms, consecutive  or not, for mayor and city council members. YES
M City of Oceanside Cannabis Business Tax: establishes a tax not to exceed 6% for cannabis retailers, manufacturers, distributors and cultivators to fund general city services. YES
W Oceanside Unified School District

Bonds in the amount of $160,000,000 to protect quality schools and upgrade aging facilities.


Please make sure you and your family and friends VOTE!  Early voting starts the first week of October, voting early helps insure that your vote will count!