Month: March 2020

DEMCCO Endorses in Strategically Critical Oceanside Races

At DEMCCO’s February 22, 2020 meeting, endorsement votes were held for the Oceanside Mayor and Oceanside City Council, District 4 races.  There were two Democratic candidates participating in the endorsement for each race. 

While these races will be on the November 3, 2020 ballot, endorsement was sought early because they have been designated strategically critical.  Some members expressed concern that these endorsements should not be considered until later, e.g. August, however, the majority of the membership supported proceeding with the endorsements.  Early endorsement allows candidates more time and resources to conduct a successful campaign.

DEMCCO’s Bylaws require that a candidate receive a minimum of 60% of the votes in favor of their endorsement.  One ballot was held in each race and the 60% threshold was reached in both races.  The results are as follows:

    • Oceanside Mayor:     Esther Sanchez (73%)
    • Oceanside City Council, District 4:    Jane Marshall (60%)

Congratulations, Esther Sanchez and Jane Marshall.  Now let’s get busy working on a November 3 win!