Register to Vote!

Voter Registration

How important is it that you register to vote? Very important!  DEMCCO makes a point to be registering new voters whenever we can. If you want a democracy to function properly sometimes you need to put some work into it! If you are not registered you can do it online here.  Remember, if you have recently moved you will also need to register with your new address. You can also change your party affiliation online as well.

Remember, voting is not just your right, it is your responsibility! (Plus some of us find it to be thrilling to participate in democracy.)

With 2016 just around the corner it will be especially important to vote. In order to vote for a presidential candidate in the primary you need to be registered with the party that the candidate of your choice is running for. Sometimes exceptions are made by the parties to allow independent voters to vote for their party’s candidates. If you are a member of another party, such as the Green Party, you would not be allowed to cast your vote for someone on the Democratic ballot.