Political Action Committee

DEMCCO Political Action Committee

Political Influence & Community Outreach­

Leadership  in DEMCCO, by our terrific Political Action Committee [PAC], motivates and trains members to participate in the Democratic process. The PAC meets at least once monthly prior to the general club meeting, has an active email dialogue going on throughout the month plus offers voter registration training.

The major initiative for the PAC is advancing voter registration at all levels of the communities DEMCCO is a part of.  We know North San Diego County went BLUE for Obama and San Diego County is now  generally more blue than red. Now we must encourage folks to turn out for local candidates and other statewide elections as well as just voting for in Presidential elections!

Big Blue BBQ 2015As a result of the PAC, Club members increasingly write letters and columns in local newspapers, attend and speak at various city councils and other governmental and non-governmental meetings, as well as get more engaged in federal, state and national issues.

The focus last year was on state, federal and local elections. In the coming year, we will continue our work in local politics, including a program to energize GO Team participation in Carlsbad and increase participation with the GO Team in Oceanside as well. The Club is monitoring charter city prevailing wage issues, health care, San Onofre power plant, various environmental issues, foreign policy and any local or state elections that will happen this year.

DEMCCO continues increased contact with other groups like OFA, GO Teams, African American community groups including the local NAACP, LGBTQ, veterans, and is seeking greater registration of young Democrats . CONTACT Pat McFarlane for more info:  760-439-1481 or email her by clicking here.