Executive Board

  The Executive Board meets monthly with a full agenda of items including financial reports, minutes, agenda setting, fundraising, newsletter direction and contributions among other things. The Board also sets policy to be considered by the general membership including Resolutions (opposed Gregory Canyon, supported legislation/platform on transportation, climate change, etc.), revisions to bylaws and which projects and candidates to support or oppose in the local communities. We also have a very active Political Action Sub-Committee!

Executive Board ELECTIONS MARCH 25th
The following offices are up for election: President, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Political Action Chair, Special Events Chair and Communications Chair.  Join by February 23rd to vote.

President – Bill Fowler Email

First Co-Vice Presidents

Programs – Bob Spencer  Email

Hospitality – Joan Bullock  Email

Second Vice President – Mike Bullock Email

Membership Sheila Kadah  Email and Eva Kerckhove Email

Special Events Chair Destiny Savage  Email

Secretary – Linda Slater  Email

Treasurer –  Mary Meyers  Email

Fundraising – Barbara Mead Email

Political Action Chair – Pat McFarlane Email and Ken Dalpe, Co-Chair 

Communications – Amanda Mascia Email