DEMCCO Holds Endorsement for Oceanside Mayor

On September 28, 2019, DEMCCO held a vote to endorse a candidate for Oceanside Mayor.  While the election for this office will not occur until November 3, 2020, a majority of the members attending the August meeting voted to hold the vote at the next meeting.  The Mayor of Oceanside race is open (no incumbent) for the first time in a very long time.  We have a chance to elect a Democratic mayor if we have a candidate with a likelihood of winning and who is able to receive the support of the San Diego County Democratic Party through designating the race as strategically critical.  In August there was one Democratic candidate running for this race.  Since announcing the intention to hold an endorsement vote, three additional candidates came forward including Ruben Major, Chuck Lowery and Zack Beck.  Chuck Lowery subsequently removed himself from consideration and put his support behind Zack Beck.

The result of the vote which was held by written ballot is:

Zack Beck – 12 votes (11.5%)
Chuck Lowery – 0 votes
Ruben Major – 15 votes (14.4%)
Esther Sanchez – 61 votes (58.7%)
No Endorsement – 16 votes (15.4%)
Total: 104 votes (100%)

One late ballot was received with a vote for Esther Sanchez.  It was decided not to count it as it would not change the outcome of the vote.

Since the required threshold of 60% was not reached, DEMCCO made no decision regarding endorsement for Oceanside Mayor.  Another endorsement vote may occur at a later date.