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Endorsement Meeting July 28, 2018

The November 6, 2018 General Election is approaching rapidly.  DEMCCO supports quality Democratic candidates for various offices in many ways.  One important way is through endorsement.  The Endorsement Committee is busy gathering information and paperwork from Democrats running for local offices in preparation for presenting them to the membership on July 28, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.  Each candidate will speak briefly, then after a discussion, the membership will vote on that candidate.  A 60% majority vote is needed to obtain DEMCCO’s endorsement.

DEMCCO members are strongly encouraged to attend.  Candidates count on us to support their efforts to win elected office.  Did you know that while the majority of registered voters in San Diego County are registered Democrats, the vast majority of elected officials are Republicans?  This fact is clear evidence that our elected officials do not represent the majority of their constituents.  We need to change this!  Come to the meeting on July 28 and support our Democrats.  

DEMCCO’s Endorsed Candidates

DEMCCO chooses preferred candidates for elected office through our endorsement process.  Members support these candidates through donating and volunteering in their campaigns.  Here are the current candidates that have received DEMCCO’s endorsement:

Matt Brower: Matt is running to unseat Gary Kreep for Superior Court Judge, Office 37.  He won the right to a run-off election with the incumbent in the recent Primary Election.  Read more about Matt at this link Matt Brower for Superior Court Judge.

Michelle Gomez: Michelle is running for the open seat as a member of the Board of Supervisors, District 5.  She won the right to a run-off election with Jim Desmond, a Republican.  Read more about Michelle at this link Michelle for Supervisor

Marggie Castellano: Marggie is running to unseat incumbent Pat Bates for State Senate, District 36.  Read more about Marggie at this link: Marggie Castellano for State Senate.