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DEMCCO Candidate Statements

Membership Chair Candidate Statement – Shirley Anderson

Last May I was asked to take over the duties of Demcco Membership Chair-Acting from Sheila Kadah.  Sheila had stepped forward to become the Fundraising Chair-Acting.  For the last 10 months I have been learning and performing the duties of the Membership position.  I have enjoyed this position and I am now asking for your vote to become the Membership Chair for 2019/2020 on the DEMCCO Executive Board.  Thank you for this consideration, Shirley Anderson

Vincent J. Loughney, Sr., Oceanside, CA 92056 Candidate for DEMCCO Special Events Director

I am running for Special Events Chair to register voters, attract new members to DEMCCO, to provide information or literature about endorsed candidates and propositions and to make new neighbors. I believe that this is an important position as it may be the “first impression” our club presents to our neighbors. It is important that the registration booth be staffed with friendly volunteers who know how to complete the voter registration form, who know important dates, and who protect voters’ personal ID information. Training will be available for new volunteers. I will also provide a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to help volunteers answer questions. I value volunteers and their input to improve our presence at local events, and to add events to increase our success. I believe that my previous 4+ years in this elected position is of value to DEMCCO. Please vote for me at our annual election meeting. 

My Progressive Values: Single Payer Health Care, Preserve the right to vote for all citizens, Immigration Reform, Green Energy, Climate / Environmental Protection, Expand Mass Transit, Gun Safety, Government Funded Elections, Pro Choice, Race /Gender Equality, Eliminate Corporate Prisons, Support Public Schools.
Vince Loughney, Sr.


Pat Amador, Candidate for First Vice President

I am the first generation in my family to be born in the U.S.  My parents emigrated from Mexico to California and my grandparents emigrated from Chile, Mexico, Spain.  My mother became a naturalized citizen and proudly voted in every (Democratic) election I can remember.   We went with her to translate.  Her motto was “You have to vote.”

My career was in Global Logistics. and thus, I have experienced governments in countries throughout the world.  My local political experience has been with many campaigns including: No On A, Cori Schumacher’s City Council race, Doug Applegate’s U.S. Congressional race, Flip the 49th, Barbara Hamilton’s City Council race, Cori Schumacher’s mayoral race,  Michelle Gomez’s Board of Supervisors race and Elizabeth Warren’s Assembly District race.  I speak both Spanish and English and I  walked precincts as well as did phone banking.

I am currently the representative for North County Latino Democrats to the North Area Caucus and Council of Clubs. I have served 2 years on the DEMCCO Nominating Committee.

I am running for 1st Vice President to support DEMCCO in its efforts to elect Democrats to office. Because of my extensive activities, I have many contacts with people who can speak on the most current and important issues facing Democrats in San Diego County.  I think input and feedback from members is very important and I will be open to all suggestions.

Results of ADEM Election

On Sunday, nearly 1000 registered Democrats showed up in Oceanside to elect 76th Assembly District Delegates to the California Democratic Party.  The 14 Delegates based on preliminary results are:
Women Elected Delegates: Priya Bhat-Patel, Nikki Faddick, Nancy Hardwick, Kathy Rallings, Cess Resnick, Rachel Rott, Cori Schumacher (also elected E-Board Rep)
Men Elected Delegates: Mustafa Nizam (also elected E-Board Alternate), Al Goodman, Rob Howard, Kyle Krahel-Frolander, Larry Lugo, Kevin Sabellico, Harold Standerfer