Month: September 2019


The San Diego County Democratic Party will be holding their 8th Biennial convention all day on Sunday, December 1, 2019 at the Center for the Arts in Escondido.  Click on this link to see the flyer.


Environmental Talk with Congressman Mike Levin

See the flyer by clicking on the link below.

Pilgrim Church Flyer on Levin Speech

DEMCCO Endorsement and Resolution Votes at Sept 28 Meeting

Notice of Endorsement and Resolution

This is an official notification for DEMCCO members that voting will take place at the September 28, 2019 meeting to consider endorsement of a candidate for the Mayor of Oceanside, CA and adopting a resolution.

“DEMCCO endorses candidates who are registered Democrats and have demonstrated a commitment to Democratic values and involvement with, support of and responsiveness to, Democratic policies and policy aspirations.” (DEMCCO Bylaws)  The Mayor of Oceanside race is an open race (no incumbent).  No Democrat has held the position of Mayor in the history of Oceanside, San Diego County’s third largest city.  We are at a critical time requiring leadership to work to solve problems of housing, homelessness, transportation, etc.  

There are 3 candidates at this time although more candidates may emerge later.  The current candidates in the order of their application for endorsement are Esther Sanchez, Rubin Major and Chuck Lowery.  Candidates are asked to complete a questionnaire that includes questions about their candidacy and views.  Their responses will be available to the members during the September 28 meeting.  At the meeting, each candidate will be given up to 4 minutes to discuss their qualifications for the position.  2 questions selected from the questions submitted by the members will be asked and each candidate will have 2 minutes to answer each question.  Candidates will then be asked to leave the room and up to a total of 3 members may speak for 1 minute in favor of or against each candidate and NO ENDORSEMENT  Members will vote for one candidate or NO ENDORSEMENT by paper ballot.

Members will vote on the following resolution, approve or not approve.

Resolution Opposing Oceanside City Council Majority to convert from elected offices to appointed positions of City Clerk and City Treasurer

WHEREAS on August 21, 2019, the Oceanside City Council majority proposed to convert the City Clerk and City Treasurer from elected to appointive positions, and placed this as a ballot measure on the March 3, 2020, municipal election ballot; and

WHEREAS appointive City Clerk and City Treasurer represents a significant threat to the people’s choice of elected representatives of Oceanside city government, the long-standing democratic principles of Oceanside, the importance of publicly elected “watchdogs” as part of city government, and in fact the California Democratic Party’s platform has long opposed eliminating important elected offices in all jurisdictions; and

WHEREAS one-third of City Treasurers statewide and one-fourth of City Clerks statewide remain as elected offices, and must remain as elected offices, if the various governments statewide are to have any hope of staving off a stranglehold on our democracy by deep-pocketed special interest groups, while continuing to advocate for more cities to convert their appointive positions of City Clerk and/or City Treasurer to join our ranks of elected offices, and thus increasing our democracy as well as the number of publicly elected watchdogs while preserving those we already have;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Democratic Club of Carlsbad and Oceanside demands that DEMCCO’s board and members of our esteemed organization take all necessary steps within their powers to protect and defend Oceanside’s voters and their interests from any conversions of elected offices into appointive positions which reduce our representative government.  Thus, we all need to unite and mount a city-wide campaign to defeat this coming ballot measure which will appear on the March 3, 2020, Oceanside municipal election ballot.

Author: Victor Roy, the currently elected City Treasurer of the City of Oceanside

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