Month: January 2019

Collection for Refugee Families at the Border – January 26

ATTENTION DEMCCO MEMBERS: At our next general meeting on January 26, 2019, we will be collecting items for the refugee families at the border.  Caritas International is coordinating efforts to get needed supplies to these families.  DEMCCO is asking members who want to help to bring the following items: large cans of tuna or chicken, bedding (sheets and blankets), adult warm jackets and socks, children’s socks, warm shirts, coats/jackets, small stuffed animals, small backpacks.  Additionally, children are meeting with therapists in the camp and need large blank paper tablets, and crayons/colored pencils.  Pat Amador will be taking the items we collect to the border.  For further information, contact Pat Amador at (858) 205-8557.

DEMCCO Elections February 23, 2019

Annual election of officers will occur at the general meeting on Saturday, February 23, 2019.  The Nominating Committee (Mike Bullock, Blair Daniels, Bill Fischer, Vince Loughney, Bob Spencer) is working at a feverish pitch to find qualified candidates to run for the open offices.  So far the candidates include:

President (2-year term) Bill Fowler, Jason Rosenberg, Linda Slater
First Vice President (1-year term) Pat Amador, Kathy Rallings
Treasurer (2-year term) Mary Meyers
Membership Chair (2-year term) Shirley Anderson
Political Action Chair (2-year term) no nominees yet
Special Events Chair (2-year term) Sheila Kadah, Vince Loughney
Fundraising Chair (1-year term) Dee Forsberg
Nominating Committee (3 1-year terms) 3 members-at-large, no nominees yet

If you are a voting member of DEMCCO (dues paid for 2019) and want to help lead the direction and activities of DEMCCO, please consider running for office.  You can contact one of the Nominating Committee members by January 26 or nominations will also be taken from the floor at the February 23 meeting.

To be eligible to vote for officers, you must have paid your 2019 dues by February 23, 2019.  New members must sign up and pay dues by January 24, 2019 to vote.

Check out the candidate statements:

Membership Chair Candidate Statement – Shirley Anderson
Last May I was asked to take over the duties of Demcco Membership Chair-Acting from Sheila Kadah.  Sheila had stepped forward to become the Fundraising Chair-Acting.  For the last 10 months I have been learning and performing the duties of the Membership position.  I have enjoyed this position and I am now asking for your vote to become the Membership Chair for 2019/2020 on the DEMCCO Executive Board.  Thank you for this consideration, Shirley Anderson
Vincent J. Loughney, Sr., Oceanside, CA 92056
Candidate for DEMCCO Special Events Director
I am running for Special Events Chair to register voters, attract new members to DEMCCO, to provide information or literature about endorsed candidates and propositions and to make new neighbors. I believe that this is an important position as it may be the “first impression” our club presents to our neighbors. It is important that the registration booth be staffed with friendly volunteers who know how to complete the voter registration form, who know important dates, and who protect voters’ personal ID information. Training will be available for new volunteers. I will also provide a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to help volunteers answer questions. I value volunteers and their input to improve our presence at local events, and to add events to increase our success. I believe that my previous 4+ years in this elected position is of value to DEMCCO. Please vote for me at our annual election meeting.
My Progressive Values:
Single Payer Health Care        
Preserve the right to vote for all citizens        
Immigration Reform
Green Energy                          
Climate / Environmental Protection               
Expand Mass Transit
Gun Safety                              
Government Funded Elections                       
Pro Choice     
Race /Gender Equality            
Eliminate Corporate Prisons                          
Support Public Schools
Vince Loughney, Sr. 

Assembly District 76 Delegate Election-January 27

One-third of the delegates of the California Democratic Party are elected by constituents who are registered Democrats of each Assembly District.  Each Assembly District elects 7 women and 7 men as delegates and one as member of the Executive Board.  Oceanside and Carlsbad are part of the 76th Assembly District and the election of our delegates will take place on Sunday, January 27, 2019, at the Oceanside Public Library at 330 N. Coast Highway in Oceanside.  Deborah Cunningham-Skurnik is the convener. Doors open at 11:30 a.m., speeches begin at 11:45 a.m. and registration and voting is from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.  Please come to this election meeting and vote for your fellow DEMCCO members as delegates.  DEMCCO members running are:

Al Goodman

Harold Standefer

Larry Lugo

Barbara Mead Jolene Smith Laura Cunningham
Carl Wood Kathy Rallings Nadine Scott
Cess Resnick Kevin Sabellico Priya Bhat-Patel
Chris Barroso (E Brd) Kyle Bright Rob Howard
Cori Schumacher (E Brd) Kyle Krahel-Frolander Steve Burrell
Frank Jacobs Kyle Thayer Will Dawley