Month: January 2018

Officer Elections: Apply and Run in March

Notice: Officer Elections will take place at our March 24th General Meeting.

We have the following positions up for election:
– 1st. Vice President
– 2nd. Vice President
– Secretary
– Fundraising
– Communications
– Three (3) members of the Nominating Committee
– Political Action Chair (1 year left in a 2-year term)

Our Nominating Committee (Pat Amador, Andrea France and Donna Rencsak) have provided the following information:

“We encourage members who are interested to run for an office to read the DEMCCO By-laws so that you are aware of the requirements and responsibilities of the office.

How to Apply:
-Send an email Nominating Committee Member, Andrea France:

-When notifying the Nominating Committee of your intention to run for an Office, please include a brief statement indicating your statement of qualifications for the Office, and list the Office which you are running for.

Any questions regarding the position or the process, please contact the Nominating Committee (Andrea) via the email above.

For more information of responsibilities of the Office and to read the bylaws, read below or read our full bylaws here. 

Notice: Election Of Officers – March 2018
Article II Membership
Section I
All voting members shall be registered Democrats. Decline to State or No Preference registered voters may be members but may not vote.
Article III Executive Board
Section 3
All Executive Board members must be voting members of DEMCCO.
Article IV Elected Officers and Chairs.   Candidates for elective office must be voting members. (Article II, Section 3)
Section 2
– The Officers and Chairs shall be elected for terms of two years by DEMCCO members at an annual election meeting.
– The Vice Presidents, Secretary and Directors of Fundraising, and Communications shall be elected in even numbered years.
– Even if the Group consents to and elects co-chairs, she/he shall have only one vote between the two co-chairs. 
  The Officers to be elected in March 2018 are:
  •         1st. Vice President
  •         2nd. Vice President
  •         Secretary
  •         Fundraising
  •         Communications
  •         Three (3) Non-Board members of the Nominating Committee
Section 5
Election of Officers
The regular election meeting of DEMCCO shall be held in the first quarter of the calendar year.  Nominees shall be selected by a Nominating Committee (See ARTICLE VI, Section I.). The officers shall be elected by a majority of the voting members who are present and voting at the election meeting.  The membership must be informed as to the time, place, and agenda of the meeting, including the slate presented by the Nominating Committee, at least ten (10) days before the meeting.  Members shall be informed in this notice that they may place names in nomination for various offices other than those names proposed by the Nominating Committee.  Candidates may be nominated from the floor at the election meeting with the prior permission of the nominee.

c. First Vice-President

Shall be responsible for program and meeting arrangements. The Vice-President may carry out the duties of the President when the President is unable to do so, or requests the Vice-President to perform such duties. Should the position of President become vacant, the First Vice-President shall act as President until the vacancy is filled.

d. Second Vice-President
Shall provide liaison with any/all North County Democratic organizations, San Diego Democratic Party, and others as identified. Should the President and the First Vice-President be unavailable, the Second Vice-President shall act as President until either is available.

e. Secretary
The Secretary shall record minutes of meetings of DEMCCO and the Executive Board. The Secretary shall handle correspondence at the direction of the President. The Secretary shall prepare and disburse official ballots when necessary, keep the bylaws and minutes of DEMCCO, and upon termination of office, give all records to the succeeding Secretary.

i. Fundraising Chair

The Chair shall be responsible for planning and implementing fundraising projects; prepare an annual fundraising plan, including one major event per year; carry out the fundraising plan; organize fundraising event(s) and chair the Fundraising Committee.

j. Communications Chair

The Chair or designee(s) shall be responsible for press releases, ensure preparation and distribution of the Club newsletter, inform and educate the membership about upcoming events and meetings, coordinate the maintenance of the Club website with the E-board and other such duties as may be assigned by the E- board.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall consist of five members: two Executive Board members and three non-voting Board members. The non-Board members shall be nominated by the current Nominating Committee and elected at the annual election meeting. Further nominations may be made from the floor of the meeting with the consent of the nominee. 
Nominating Committee members shall hold offices for a term of one year or until their successors are elected.  The Executive Board members of this (Nominating) Committee shall be appointed by the Board following the election meeting.  
The Committee shall select a chair at it’s first meeting.   Members of the Nominating Committee shall serve until the next regular election meeting. Any mid-term vacancy on the Committee shall be filled by the Executive Board. 


Please note, that due to conflicts with large events (Pre-Endorsement Conference, and the State Convention) DEMCCO has opted to move our meeting time so that we can accomodate the most member participation. 

JANUARY 27th Meeting will take place from 3-5pm

FEBRUARY Meeting will take place from 9a-12pm on the 17th (one week earlier than normal)