Month: September 2017

Pre-Endorsement Conference Delegate Information

A pre-endorsement conference for District 18 of the California Democratic Party will be held on January 27 and 28, 2018.
This conference will to make endorsement recommendations for the June 2018 primary election of Federal and State offices (Congress, Assembly, State Senate, etc.).
Currently, DEMCCO can send 13 delegates to the conference 
(7 or 6 female and 6 or 7 male delegates).

The E Board decided that the selection process will be as follows –

Delegate Candidates will be given a chance to speak to members prior to the election both at the October meeting on 10/28.
ALL Members will can vote to elect Delegates at the October meeting (10/28).


You were a paid member of DEMCCO as of July 1, 2017
You are a resident of Assembly District 76.
You have not been elected as a delegate from any other club that is chartered by the SDCDP and the CDP. Since you may be disqualified by the CDP from being a DEMCCO delegate if you are a member of another club (and may be simultaneously elected as a delegate from another club), we ask that you promise not to accept being a delegate for any other club. That may or may not help if you are disqualified by the CDP for whatever reason, but I think that would help.
All qualified members will be placed on the October ballot.

Do you qualify? Submit your name!
You can become a candidate by submitting your name via a Google form at this link 

Deadline to apply is October 10th

*Executive Board will provide a list of candidates before the 10/28 meeting. Paper ballots will be used for voting*